Desk calendar 2022 – Fathi Ya Warda

Desk calendar 2022 – Fathi Ya Warda


A desk calendar for the year 2022 AD within the “Amusement and Memories” group, which is inspired by the alleys of the beautiful past and the sweet memories of childhood, where the hands are holding each other, in a harmonious movement with the songs of “Fathi Ya Warda. Sukari Ya Warda.”

You can use it for both Gregorian and Hijri calendars.

On the one hand, it is 2022, and when turning it over on the other side, it becomes 1443 AH.

With Hijri dates in the Gregorian face and vice versa.

Comes with a small notebook of 80 sheets

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Size 29.7 * 6 * 10.5 cm

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