Home fragrance diffuser palazzo bello – figuier dolce

Home fragrance diffuser palazzo bello – figuier dolce


Our advice for the use

Place the stems directly in the diffuser so that they soak up the room’s fragrance. Renew the refill or change the scent as you wish to extend the life of the diffuser to infinity.
You can vary the intensity of the scent by adding/removing stems or turning them.
The duration of your fragrance diffuser depends on how often you turn the stems, the temperature in your room, and also the season.

Further information

Diffuser: ⌀ 8.8 x 10.5 cm
Box: 16.3 x 26 x 10.3 cm

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Let yourself be seduced by the charm and poetry of the Palazzo Bello fragrance diffuser. It will delight you with its refined design and its delicious Fig Tree Dolce fragrance, a soft and suave scent whose deliciously milky and green scent of figs interweaves with that of bergamot and enveloping sandalwood.

This box contains:

  • A porcelain biscuit fragrance diffuser
  • A refill for room fragrance diffuser 200 ml Figuier Dolce
  • 4 white rattan sticks of 25 cm
  • 3 rattan and cassava flower stalks of 23 cm

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