Wall Calendar 2022 – Amusement Park & ​​Memories

Wall Calendar 2022 – Amusement Park & ​​Memories


A wall calendar for the year 2022 AD within the “Amusement and Memories” group, which is inspired by the memories of sweet childhood, and the amusement park trip every weekend, which we look forward to visiting with the same astonishment, passing through the carts of street vendors, and riding the amazing horse-drawn stagecoach between the streets as a royal childish procession noisy with laughter, and we raced towards a car (Icecream) After hearing her famous tune, she calls us miles away for a piece of her ice cream.

Gregorian dates with Hijri dates.

On the front is a calendar, and on the back is an art poster.

Perfect as a wall decoration on a desk, wall or refrigerator.

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Size: 54 * 29.7 cm

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